Planning Board

The Town of Hebron’s Planning Board fills multiple roles. First and foremost, it is responsible for the review and approval of all proposed subdivisions, in accordance with the Town of Hebron, Maine Subdivision Regulations. The Planning Board also reviews and proposes revisions to all Town ordinances related to land use and building. Finally, the Planning Board reviews requests made by its members or other residents of the Town for new ordinances related to land use and building, and proposes the adoption of any such new ordinances to the Town.  They meet at the Town Office every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.


 Planning Board Members

  • Jeremy Chapman (term expires 2024)
  • Michael Crowley, Chair (term expires 2025)
  • Evelyn Chabot (term expires 2024)
  • Margaret Rearick (term expires 2027)
  • Peter Rearick (alt) (term expires 2027)
  • Butch Asselin (term expires 2026)
  • Vacant (alternate)

Comprehensive Plan

The Town adopted the current Comprehensive Plan at the March 21, 2015 Annual Town Meeting. The Planning Board will ensure that all actions it takes comply with the Plan. If any resident has questions regarding the impact of the Comprehensive Plan, please attend the next Planning Board meeting to discuss those questions.

Subdivision Regulations

The process of subdivision approval requires a formal application and multiple meetings with the Planning Board. To ensure as smooth a process as possible, please be sure to review the Town’s Subdivision Regulations prior to submitting a formal application.